Quickly Creating a Quality Outreach List with Ecquire

Outreach is one of the most challenging areas of search and online marketing so whenever I find a tool that has the potential to make the process easier I am always willing to give it a chance.  Ecquire is a browser plugin that allows you to quickly scrape contact data off of a site and import that data into a variety of tools.  Ecquire will let you import data into the following services as of now:

  • Salesforce
  • Highrise
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Docs
  • Stride

After using Ecquire for a few days I think that it could be very valuable when you need to manually create a list of contacts.  Ecquire is not going to be the fastest way to create a mass outreach list but it will help to create a well vetted list of users who meet your criteria for the campaign.

Ecquire Setup

As you can see the service is intended as a tool mostly for sales and business development to improve their prospecting.  During setup I used the Google Docs option to create a new Google spreadsheet that I called “influencers”, during setup the new spreadsheet will be created automatically and you can choose to name it whatever you like.


Once you have created your spreadsheet you have the ability to share it with other who can also use the Ecquire plugin to add contact information to the spreadsheet.  After the setup now you can begin to collect.


You can go to any LinkedIn profile and next to the person’s name you will see the Ecquire button that you click to get a preview of what you are going place into your spreadsheet.



As you can see the plugin will automatically fill in all of the contact fields that you can see in LinkedIn but you can also edit any of them before submitting to the spreadsheet.

Ecquire has built in functionality with other sites as well which will allow for easy one click imports.  Those sites include:


As you can see there is ton of flexibility with this tool and the types of campaigns it would work for are endless but here are some that I thought of right away.

Influencer Outreach Campaign

Create a saved stream in Hootsuite using your keywords, hashtags, etc and then filter it by Klout Score. Next go through those top users and add them to your spreadsheet for future outreach.  Obviously because inside of Hootsuite you can only filter by keyword  or Klout Score you might want to do some manual reviewing instead of just relying upon Klout.



The end result will be a set of active and influential social influencers you can reach out to.   You could also use Hootsuite to monitor brand mentions and add those users to a list of those you need to thank, send an email or gift.

Quora Content Campaign

If you are looking for some experts for an interview series or another collaborative piece you plan to publish Quora is a great place to look for potential sources.  Using Quora you can do a search by topic or do some manual searching and find experts that you would like to reach out to.  You can use Ecquire to quickly add that user to your list so you can reach out to them later.


Obviously there are a lot more ways to use the tool but overall it is an efficient way to collect data when you need to do some manual sourcing and filtering of who you are reaching out to.  They offer a free trial of the tool and pricing starts at $9/month for a single user.

The one major drawback I have found thus far is that they only allow for integration with one spreadsheet but in their support forums I read that the ability to add additional spreadsheets is being taken into consideration.

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