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Hello! I’m Dustin and through Konnected Interactive I provide growth and digital marketing services to eCommerce and B2B service providers.  I work with a small number of clients to provide high impact strategy and day to day management of digital campaigns. I have over 12 years of experience in designing, planning and running paid search, SEO and paid social campaigns.




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News & Tips That Isn't Filler

I wish I had more free time but that isn’t the case so only the latest news, releases and tips to keep growing  🚀

Certifications? ✔️

Do these certifications make someone good at marketing? No. Should you hire someone simply because of these? Please don’t. Do they prove you can pass a test? Yes. 

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If you meet someone in this industry who doesn’t have questions they aren’t trying or they are lying. Here are some of the questions I hear the most. Still looking for answer? Contact me here or on Twitter. If I can I will help and I will make sure it is added to the FAQ so this doesn’t happen again.

Google Shopping FAQ

What is smart shopping? Why doesn't my product show up? How do I structure my campaigns? Good questions with hopefully good answers.

Shopify SEO FAQ

Shopify SEO FAQ

Can I compete if I go with Shopify? Is Shopify bad for SEO? Are there any tricks I need to know?