21 Content Marketing Ideas for Retailers

As an online retailer you might think it is difficult to come up with new content ideas for your blog or website.  New content keeps your existing audience engaged and helps create new customer acquisition.  Below is a list of 21 content ideas for your online store. Many of these ideas can be used over and over again, for example trends can be used on a monthly or seasonal basis and because trends will always change you will be able to write a new post every year.

  1. New product launches
  2. New brands
  3. New styles from brands
  4. Trends for time of the year
  5. Celebrity fashion trends
  6. Sales and promotions
  7. In store events
  8. Community involvement
  9. Special events being held in your mall
  10. Fashion advice for events
  11. Fashion events for men, women, etc
  12. Buying guides for activities (what to wear to a summer wedding)
  13. Ideas for activities your audience would do by time of year
  14. Inspiration for looks, rooms and events
  15. National holidays
  16. Funny Holidays
  17. Designer profiles
  18. Designers interviews
  19. Group interviews of stylists
  20. Group interviews of designers
  21. Guide on how your brands fit

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