With an optimized feed and managed Google Shopping campaign you can increase your revenue and maximize ROI.

Management Starts at $500/month

  • Fast Setup and Launch
  • Product Feed Configuration & Optimization
  • Revenue, Cost & Margin Reporting

We can work with your existing shopping cart platform to quickly increase your impressions in search results. Over time we manage and optimize your shopping campaign to improve the performance of your Google Shopping campaign and other comparison shopping site accounts.

Our ongoing optimization and management services include:

  • Strategy consulting
    Optimizing your feed attributes to maximize your visibility for keywords and products.
  • Creating targeted ad groups and product groups to efficiently bid on products, categories and brands
  • Optimizing bids for inventory, sales performance, promotions and seasonality
  • Reporting and analytics

Google Shopping FAQ

An optimized feed will improve your visibility in Google search results. Google displays the top 4-8 products on the search results page, these listings typically receive dramatically more clicks than those that are only listed in Google Shopping. The attributes in your feed along with your bid is how Google determines what products will be displayed in the main search results. The better optimized your feed the more often your products will be displayed.

Not a problem, we will create one for you. We have worked with most major shopping cart platforms and have also created custom solutions.

We use a mix of analytics, inventory and performance data to increase your sales and maximize your ROI. By using this data and through data feed optimization we can typically increase your sales while also improving your return on advertising spend. We would be happy to give you a free consultation to determine if working with Konnected Interactive makes sense.

Feed optimization and Google shopping management starts at $500/month. Based on your unique circumstances there may be setup fees as well. This dependent on your eCommerce platform, your data feed and the numbers SKU’s you will be advertising.

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