Google Shopping Campaign Management

Need help getting more from Google Shopping? Whether you want to maximize sales, increase profitability, or just increase your performance in Google Shopping with an optimized feed and a managed Google Shopping campaign I can help you meet you goals. I have 10+ years of experience in growth marketing and have been optimizing Google Shopping since the it was called Froogle.

Have questions? Read our full Google Shopping FAQ

Google Shopping Management

You will not receive a one-size fits all approach. After learning about your business and goals a custom strategy will be built to meet you store.  Working with your existing eCommerce platform feed and account optimizations will quickly increase your sales and impression share.

Campaign Management

Depending on the complexity of your store and product assortment the perfect campaign structure will be created for you.  This may include a simple single campaign or it may include several campaigns using priorities and search query sculpting to get you the highest impression share for your most profitable searches.

Do you use Smart Shopping Campaigns?

Sometimes. I think that Smart Shopping campaigns can work in certain circumstances but I do not recommend putting your entire product catalog to start.  Learn more about Google Shopping campaign structures

Do you use automated bidding?

I almost always test using automated bid strategies when enough data is available but it depends on your goals. For example, if you want to maximize sales then using target ROAS may not be right for you. 

Feed Optimization

Feed optimization allows you to have your products seen by your target audience at various stages of the buying cycle. Move from generic titles and descriptions to optimized elements that include your target keyword, product attributes, and secondary keywords.

Creating customized feed attributes you will be able to increase impression share, improve click-through rate, increase clicks, and grow revenue.

Can we just use the Shopify Google Shopping app?

You can and if you have a small inventory it will work.  However due to the lack of customization and optimization features available in the app if you have more than ~50 products you will be better served using a feed management tool. The ROI through increased sales and time savings can add up very quickly. Options for creating a product feed with Shopify.

Google Shopping Platforms

  • Google Shopping on Shopify
  • Google Shopping with Magento
  • Google Shopping with WooCommerce
  • Google Shopping with BigCommerce
  • And almost every other cart and eCommerce provider.

Ongoing optimization and management services include:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Reports that matter. We can create reports that give you revenue, gross margin, net margin and other financial metrics that actually move the needle.
  • Help improving the key drivers for growth like average order value, conversion rate and repeat purchases.
  • Optimizing your feed attributes to maximize your visibility for keywords and products.
  • Creating targeted campaigns, ad groups and product groups to efficiently bid on products, categories and brands.
  • Optimizing bids for inventory, sales performance, promotions and seasonality
  • Opportunities for product expansions, bundles and kits based on search and sales trends. 

Google Shopping FAQ

Read our full Google Shopping FAQ

An optimized feed will improve your visibility in Google search results. Google displays the top 4-8 products on the search results page, these listings typically receive dramatically more clicks than those that are only listed in Google Shopping. The attributes in your feed along with your bid is how Google determines what products will be displayed in the main search results. The better optimized your feed the more often your products will be displayed.

Not a problem, we will create one for you. We have worked with most major shopping cart platforms and have also created custom solutions.

We use a mix of analytics, inventory and performance data to increase your sales and maximize your ROI. By using data and through product feed optimization we can increase your sales while also improving your return on advertising spend. 

Feed optimization and Google shopping management starts at $500/month. Based on your unique circumstances there may be setup fees as well. This dependent on your eCommerce platform, your data feed and the numbers SKU’s you will be advertising.

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