Shopping Campaign Review

No obligation, free review of your shopping campaigns.

Who's it for?

You just started with shopping campaigns and want to make sure you have the basics setup correctly.

You have had shopping campaigns running for awhile but you aren’t sure if you are getting the most out of your campaigns.

You have experienced declines in clicks, impressions, or revenue from shopping campaigns and you want another set of eyes.

What's included?

  • Review of your product data feed.
  • Review of you campaign structure.
  • Comparison of clicks, impressions, revenue, ROAS, and impressions share year over year and the past quarter.
  • Analysis of search queries triggering your ads and resulting in conversions.
  • Use or automated biddings and Smart Shopping campaigns.
  • Review of modifiers like audiences, device types, schedule, and location.
  • Placement review across search and search partners.

What do I receive?

We will provide with a written summary which will include strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. We will also prioritize what you should work on first and what resources would be required to address the issue or opportunity.  In most cases there will also be supporting data that will accompany the written report.